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- Ben W., Professional Rodeo Cowboy, Blogger

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- Erica, Fitness Blogger

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-Taurus, Australian Body Builder


RipDeck Random Workout


For a change of pace, try creating a deck with the new RipDeck Random Workout generator.

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What exercises do you use for the perfect deck? Let us know.

RipDeck Featured Deck


This weeks featured deck is from Hector L Torres, CFL Tri Club head coach.

  • Clubs – Crunches
  • Diamonds – Obliques each side
  • Hearts – Lower Ab Hip Lifts
  • Spades – Push-ups
  • Joker – Burpees and Jumping Jacks

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Hector L Torres holds a Masters degree in Sport & Fitness with a concentration in Sport Leadership and Coaching from the University of Central Florida. He is currently a Chair for the USA Triathlon Florida Region and Paratriathlon Development Coordinator. In Central Florida, he has operated a multi-sport coach business, Tri Peak Athlete, LLC since 2007, and is Head Coach for the Central Florida Triathlon Club (CFL Tri Club).

The CFL Tri Club is the largest triathlon club in Central Florida and the most structure club in the nation. As a triathlon coach, he has guided athletes to completing many of the Ironman events, qualifying athletes for the Age Group Wold Championship and Paratriathlon World Championships. He also served as Head Coach for the Paratriathlon Team USA 2012 and High Performance Paratriathlon Coach. Hector understands the commitment and hard work that falls into play to be a strong athlete. He has completed a total of 17 Ironman including the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii.

What exercises do you use for the perfect deck? Let us know.